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The inspiration for the title came from one of my favourite plays, “Educating Rita” by Willy Russell. Here’s the link to the plot. ┬áThere are hardly any parallels, really. In the play, Rita is much younger than me and her husband is not very supportive of her studies. That’s a major difference right there. I have a very supportive family, which is the most important factor anyone can ask for when it comes to such undertaking. Read More »

The long awaited blog site about developing apps for the purpose of language learning and teaching. Well, it’s been a long time waiting for me to build up enough courage to get into this aspect of e-learning. I’ve been enjoying the apps that already exist but I wanted to have a go at creating some myself.

Here’s my advice # 1 – find yourself some great, clever and dynamic friends, who are patient and willing to help you along your journey! It’s going to take a while so you’ll need all the support you can get.

Here’s my advice # 2 – persevere! Yep, it’s a deep, steep, deep learning curve. In other words ‘It ain’t easy!’ Just keep at it, don’t give up because that’s the easy way out (and then you’ll regret it anyway).

Here comes advice # 3 – find yourself some more good friends to test your apps! One, they won’t try to steal or copy them, two they won’t laugh at you.

OK, that’s it. Now I need to get back to my Developing Apps 101 not to let my friends down. I’ve started learning LiveCode so any tips or suggestions are welcome.

Hope to see you soon,