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I’ve always enjoyed languages. But learning a new one has always been tricky for me. I just wanted to see a language and start speaking it! Yes, over the years, I’ve also realised I’m not really gifted or talented or lucky enough to learn languages like that. (I’ve met those kind of people and still don’t understand how they do it).

Here I am learning a new language – LiveCode. I think they’re trying to make it easy just for me, since they know my passion when it comes to languages. So, they’ve published in their newsletter a tutorial by Julian Morgan “Learning LiveCode with Latin

It will require me to read it many times over and I’m sure I’ll be frustrated for sometime (with myself for not ‘getting it’ straight away). But isn’t it great to have these stories/tutorials?

Thank you Julian for sharing your expertise, and thanks RunRev for making it accessible.

Now – carpe diem!