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This post is like an ad, and I want to say “We’ll be right back right after this break!”

I haven’t been coding for the last few days, just have been re-watching the videos. This is not a deliberate attempt at ignoring JavaScript, especially when it’s beginning to get really exciting with the conditional and boolean statements. But, have other urgent matters at hand and must get through them first.

It’s not long to go until Phase 0, starting in September, and I still have Github and SQL to tackle before then. This post is a reminder, not that I’ll be forgetting what to learn any time soon…

A few days ago, I received my special HTML 5 T-shirt in the post from  Teespring

HTML T-Shirt

Source: Teespring

I’ve decided to wait and wear it on the first day of the Bootcamp. See how long that decision lasts!


What do you do when you have a really bad day? So much so, you’d rather spend the next day hiding under a stone, away from everybody else? How do you escape your woes in other words? Do you go for a run? Talk to your best friend about your bad day? Blog about it? How do you get your mind off all the toxic thoughts?

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Today is the day I dived into JavaScript. I’m not sure if it’s the best way to start learning about JS, but this is what was offered on the Udemy course as the first lesson – “DOM Methods and Properties”. I haven’t learnt enough about it to reflect. This blog post is only to mark the date for diving into JS. My mini-project is to create a calculator. Let’s see how far I get!

DOM Methods and Properties