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Four basic personality styles

Think Two by Two

EQ dictates your life. Personality is a big part of EQ. The first step to improve EQ is to know one’s personality. There are many ways to measure personality, I will only mention one here: In their excellent book: “The Art of Speed Reading People”, Pual and Barron Tieger listed “The Four Type Dimensions
Extravert or Introvert – where do we get Energy: What energizes me most-Interacting with other people or being by myself?

Sensor or Intuitive – how people perceive : The Forest or the Trees? Do I usually pay more attention to the facts and details or do I try to understand the connections, underlying meaning, and implications?

Thinker or feeler – How people make Decision –- Do I make decisions more objectively, weighing the pros and cons, or based on how I feel about the issue, and how I and others will…

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