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It’s been a while since the last post! Though I have been active in chasing my tail faster than anyone! I feel as though I’m learning how to drive a car without driving a car! Asking other drivers how to drive, what to watch out for and even how to change the tyres, oil and the filter. But can I do any of these things? Probable not! Not until I actually do them. Does that make sense? I’ve been watching lots of videos and reading up a bit too but I still haven’t downloaded the trial software to actually have a go at creating an app. Argh! I’m too afraid of discovering that I may not be able to do it! Can’t face my own demons!

But, given it’s the end of the year and that a new one is around the corner, I might as well just make a New Year’s Resolution. This time next year, I’d like to develop my very first app! Just develop though as I’ll need another year to put it on the App Store! OK, there, I’ve said it! Now, I’ll have to work towards how to get started. How do I download the software again?

Have a Great 2013!


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